Sunday, February 3, 2008

mba (macbook air) update; masterpiece theatre question answered; super bowl

Well, the hard drive thing didn't work and I keep trying to link my dell to my mba to share files, but no go.  It must be something incredibly obvious.  I just finished watching "Masterpiece Classic" with a biopic of Jane Austen which was actually pretty good.  I even went to to find out more info.  Apparently, Masterpiece Theatre is now split into Masterpiece Classic, Masterpiece Mystery!, and Masterpiece Contemporary.  I hope they will show the Edward Gorey animation at the beginning of Mystery! again.  I always liked those black and white drawings.  I watched the Super Bowl, the only football game I watch every year (usually).  It began well, the middle was boring (I opened up my mba), but the final quarter was really good.  I felt bad for Tom Brady.  He looked really stressed the whole time.  A lot of pressure to finish the "perfect" season.  But I do feel good for Eli Manning.  He really pulled through in the clutch.  My mba is starting to grow on me.  This full size keyboard is really nice to type on, and it's much lighter on my lap!

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