Thursday, June 25, 2015

"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders" ends

It was me, Dio! jk, jk...
RIP Avdol, Iggy, and Kakyoin
Polnareff is the best!
Holly is saved.

The toilet humor, the posing, the improbable battles,  the rero rero, all of it was a great ride.  It's sad to see the end of a great show.  The best part was the camaraderie of the group in my opinion.  Jotaro is the baddest of the bunch, but Joseph is still my favorite.

"Ore Monogatari!!" or "My Love Story!!" episode 12

Another week and another feel good episode.  Yamato invites Takeo and his buds to go ice skating with her and her girlfriends.  Of course Takeo is immediately able to know how to skate and even do tricks his first time on the ice.
While Takeo's buds joke about how good Takeo is at some sports and laughably bad at others, Yamato makes an off hand remark about wishing they were going to the same school and wouldn't it be nice if they went to the same college.  Takeo immediately decides to buckle down and study to aim for the same college as Yamato, Murasakifuji.
He asks Suna to help him get into Murasakifuji.  With Suna as his study buddy, Takeo embarks on studying for a practice benchmark exam for colleges.  Yamato comes over with some sweets and Takeo's mom is told she is Takeo's girlfriend.  Best part of this episode is seeing Takeo's parents react to the news.  To prepare for Yamato coming over to study,  the parents go overboard being nice and looking their best.  Hilarious.
To escape their intrusive behavior, Yamato and Takeo go over to Suna's place to study.  Suna catches Yamato snuggling next to a sleeping and exhausted Takeo in a funny moment.  A touching moment is when Takeo suggests Suna goes to the same college as well.  Suna's expression is nice.  He compliments Takeo, but Takeo doesn't get it.  The test day arrives and Takeo misfills his scantron sheet.   Results come in, and there is an "x" by Murasakifuji.  Despondent, Takeo calls Yamato who says it doesn't matter and she didn't make it either.  Anyway, Murasakifuji is a women's college.
Suna gets his revenge on plastic wrap time from episode 6.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Manga recommendation: "What Did You Eat Yesterday?"

Fumi Yoshinaga is a famous mangaka known for writing "Antique Bakery" and "Ooku."  I've seen the anime for "Antique Bakery" which I enjoyed.  I read I think two volumes of "Ooku" but never got into it.  I have read her BL which is always very sensitive and mature about how people relate to each other.  "What Did You Eat Yesterday?" is about a gay couple, Shiro and Kenji, but it's not a BL series.  It's more about their mature, adult, normal, everyday relationship and... cooking.  Each volume has several long scenes involving Shiro cooking detailed recipes about mostly Japanese cooking and the occasional western dish.  In truth, I don't know anything about traditional Japanese dishes, and the descriptions of the various ingredients just goes over my head.  But, each time, Shiro and Kenji throughly enjoy their meals and that is entertaining.  Their relationship and their interactions with their friends and co-workers actually is the most gratifying part of the manga series for me. Shiro is a successful lawyer who loves to cook and keeps the household budget in mind.  Kenji is a more laid back  hairstylist  who throughly enjoys Shiro's food.  Over time, we get to see the intricacies of their relationship and the latest one, volume 8, is the one I've enjoyed the most.  I laughed out loud a few times and teared up a little bit too.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer 2015 Anime Picks

I perused and was not too pleased with the upcoming roster of shows.  According to the art style, and whatever hunches I felt, I picked some shows that I am looking forward to watching.
"Akagami no Shirayuki-hime" looks like a "Yona of the Dawn" clone complete with redheaded heroine in historical fantasy setting.  It's based on a shojo manga and includes some action and romance, so count me in as curious.

"GANGSTA" is based on a seinen manga.  The art looks fabulous with men that look like men instead of willowy wisps.  Hoping its a mature show for adults, but I won't hold my breath.

"Junjo Romantica 3"  What can I say?  I have enjoyed 1 and 2 and look forward to more BL romance.

"Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace" is based on Edogawa Ranpo's works.  I don't know much about the author except he is a famous Japanese mystery writer.  I hope this is a good mystery series.  I like the art style.

"Rokka no Yuusha" has a pretty PV and that's all I know about it, but I want to watch it.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

"Ore Monogatari!!" or "My Love Story!!" episode 11

It's the beach episode!  No conflict here again, besides Yamato feeling embarrassed about her feelings/hots for Takeo.  She goes bikini shopping with her friends and goes for the more mature types to make Takeo go doki-doki.  Her friends restrain her thank goodness.
Takeo also has his bowled over moment seeing Yamato in her bikini, which causes Suna to call Takeo back from the abyss with his whispers of "it's only clothes for swimming..."
After some beach ball and swimming fun, Yamato runs off embarrassed, and Suna has to give Takeo a nudge again to correct Takeo's off trajectory towards couple happiness in front of a beach sunset.  The timing and mood are perfect...
But they are interrupted by Takeo's buds and the kiss never materialized.  However, both are happy on the way home and we they are already planning the fireworks festival trip complete with yukatas.  Sweet episode.  Still needs more Suna.

Friday, June 12, 2015

"Ore Monogatari!!" or "My Love Story!!" episode 10

Another cute episode, but without conflict.  Takeo and Yamato take a picnic in the woods and end up falling over a cliff!
Of course, Takeo manages to land without injury on this back while protecting Yamato and their precious bento lunches.  Takeo takes charge, feeling very protective of his GF, and takes responsibility for finding a way out of the forest.  Yamato, however, is more concerned over spending the night alone with Takeo.  Actually, she is more secretly thrilled/nervous about "spending the night" together.  
Takeo is a personal mosquito net.

Takeo wards of mosquitoes and also a rampaging wild boar and manages to find civilization again.   The funniest parts of the show are the reactions of Yamato's friends, Takeo's parents, and Suna to their unexplained overnight absence (no cell signal of course).  Yamato's friends lie to Yamato's parents to uphold the girlfriend code of covering for boyfriend time, and wait with bated breath to find out the juicy details.  Takeo's parents do not bat an eyelid to his disappearance, and trust he'll be home soon safely, which proves how trusted and reliable Takeo is in the eyes of his parents.  We also get to see an older version of Takeo with an appearance by his dad.

Yamato's friends are at first salaciously entertained but then realize Yamato was actually just lost in the forest overnight.

Suna is oblivious to the whole thing, reading a series of books in his room the whole time. But Takeo must make contact with Suna and ask how to convey his loving feelings with emoji over the cell phone to Yamato.   Suna says there aren't any for the unique feelings of Takeo.  Overall, a cotton candy episode, sweet but with no substance, but still fun to experience.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

"Ore Monogatari!!" or "My Love Story!!" episode 9

The episode starts out with Takeo meeting Suna outside on the morning of Suna's dad's surgery/ Yamato's birthday.   They fist bump as Suna wishes Takeo a good time with Yamato.  
Takeo meets Yamato and they have a jolly old time bowling, and eating and hanging out.
Every other sentence Takeo says seems to being with "Suna said this" or "Suna did this" which would actually annoy me if I were Yamato, but Yamato, being the "pure" girl she is only just agrees with Takeo without any resentment, as a sick person like me would have.  Eventually, Yamato asks what Suna is doing today, and Takeo can't hold back anymore.  He has to leave their date to support him at the hospital.  Yamato is a dear and doesn't blink an eye and tells Takeo he has to go.  Takeo literally runs to the hospital to find Suna waiting alone outside the operating room.  Suna, finally breaks down in front of Takeo, confessing he felt guilty for finding his father collapsed after shopping.  If only he hadn't gone shopping and went straight home, maybe his dad would be okay.  Takeo sets him straight that he shouldn't feel guilty.  I admit I teared up when Suna started to cry too.  Finally, a bit of weakness from Suna.
The surgery is a success, and there is a funny bit where the surgeon is shaken so hard that he throws up, not just once but twice, by Takeo, then Suna's mom and sister who finally show up.  Walking out of the hospital, they see Yamato in the lobby folding paper cranes.  What a nice gal.  She presents them to Suna.  Suna comments on how nice it is to see the pair together, and they immediately think up how to hook Suna up with a girlfriend.  Suna is scared...
A more dramatic episode, but still very simple.  That's the charm of the show.  It's simple and earnest and without meta humor or sarcasm.