Saturday, December 24, 2016

Utada taped live "Sanjudai wa Hodohodo"

There was a special streamed on December 9 using some fancy 3D VR video that some people couldn't watch properly so it is being made available for streaming in the 2D way from December 16, 2016 to January 10, 2017.   Here is the link:  Above is an abridged version on YouTube.  The first half hour is a DJ named PUNPEE doing remixes of her songs, then she answers fan questions (don't know what she said), then she sings “Boukyaku (feat. KOHH)” (with KOHH live) and “Ningyo" from "Fantôme."  Then she is surprised with a cake and looks really relaxed and natural.  At the end of the recorded stream there is also an announcement that PUNPEE's remix of "Simple and Clean" will be on the new Kingdom Hearts game.  I've never played, but it seems like Kingdom Hearts introduced her to a lot of international fans.
There is some Christmas special she is also in that was just broadcast on Japanese TV.  I saw a clip on YouTube and tried to watch some other one but it was copyright blocked.  So it's nice to see some official full performances for free for at least a few days!  It's already December 24 now so only 17 days left!