Sunday, August 16, 2015

New "Young Black Jack" anime

It's a bishie Black Jack!  Starting October 1.  Based on a prequel manga about his med school days.  Hope it's as good as those old OVAs...probably won't be, but it's a bishie Black Jack!  Those eyelashes.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Ore Monogatari!!" or "My Love Story!!" episode 18

It's Takeo's 16th birthday, and it's New Year's Day too.  Yamato and Takeo spend the day together, visiting a shrine, meeting Takeo's elementary school buddies who drop by every birthday, having cake, and kissing... haha, sort of.  Back to the beginning of the show...
Kurihara admits he kissed Nanako on their first official date to Takeo and Suna. Takeo can't believe how fast they are moving and admits his plan for kissing is to wait for the fall of senior year.  Yamato asks for Suna's advice on what cake to bake for the birthday.  It comes up that Takeo is thinking of that far away autumn before she gets kissed.  She is not thrilled.  A plan is hatched.
They meet up and go to the shrine for  New Year's visit.  They come back to Takeo's place.  Takeo's old elementary school buddies drop by to celebrate his birthday as they do every year.  This just demonstrates how great a guy Takeo is.  I mean whose elementary school friends still come by for the 16th birthday?  Takeo's mom conspicuously announces she and Takeo's dad will be gone for FIVE hours.  I think Mom would be happy to have Yamato as a daughter-in-law.
Yamato breaks out her cake and asks Takeo to close his eyes and make a wish before blowing out the candles.  She plants a kiss on him, but he has no reaction and seems not to have noticed.  She is crestfallen, but doesn't let on what happened.  After she goes home, Takeo visits Suna and tells him how he felt a bug land on his lips while making his wish.  Suna flat out tells him wasn't that a kiss?  Takeo is flabbergasted he messed up so badly, goes to see Yamato and they have a proper kiss and declare how they will protect each other in the future.  Sob.

Another sweet episode as innocent as can be and joyful as can be.  Suna...why no GF????  Ugh.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"Ore Monogatari!!" or "My Love Story!!" episode 17

It's Christmas time!  Time for a karaoke party, naturally, right? Yamato and Takeo plan one out for their friends.  Turns out Yamato's friend Nanako sorta likes Takeo's friend Kurihara and its mutual.  In fact they had a date of sorts, but Nanako still isn't sure of Kurihara's feelings since he never officially confessed.  At the party, Kurihara acts weird and distant to Nanako, while even sneaking in a secret handholding, which just confuses and angers Nanako.  Yamato and Takeo pressures the couple to be together, but it backfires and just makes Nanako uncomfortable with the pressure.  Looks likes Nanako and Kurihara sort of feel a bit inferior to the lovey dovey couple and Kurihara is failing at winning Nanako over with an overt confession.  While being forced to sing a duet (which is the OP song which has some nice lyrics by the way), Nanako leaves the party.  Yamato and then Kurihara chase her.  The two girls are harassed by some thugs, but instead of Kurihara stepping in, he runs to get Takeo, who does scare off the thugs.  Nanako is more mad at this point since Kurihara didn't rush in to save her.   Yamato and Takeo realize they shouldn't have been intrusive in their matchmaking.  But Takeo still intrudes by telling Kurihara to "man up."  Kurihara ends up proclaiming his love by getting a star at the top of a large Christmas tree in the area that is said to guarantee a successful love confession.  He finally confesses and all is well.  In fact, so well that Kurihara and Nanako have already kissed by the next school day, which bums Yamato out...  Another cute episode that manages drama even when it doesn't seem to be possible because the main couple are so darn happy together, by including others' drama!