Sunday, February 22, 2015

"Time of Eve" Movie International Blu-ray

"Time of Eve" has several incarnations.  There is an six part ONA available for streaming on Crunchyroll and released as a Blu-ray.  There is also a movie version of the story that was released on iTunes and as a Kickstarter funded Blu-ray. I backed the Kickstarter and received the Blu-ray, the soundtrack, and a bonus book as a box set, plus some art cards in a separate envelope.

It's an excellent release with an excellent English dub and subtitles in several languages.  It also has detailed translations of the on screen signs and text.  The disc menu is easy to navigate.

The movie itself is a science fiction story set in the near future where androids that are indistinguishable from humans are commonly used as labor, including as house servants.  Rikuo is high school student who has an android he calls Samy.  Looking at her activity log, he notices she has gone to an unfamiliar location without instruction.   He secretly goes there with his best friend Masaki and learns it's a cafe where androids and humans mix as equals.  How should society treat androids that exhibit human behavior?  Maybe someday that will be an issue in reality.  I like the art style which is not overly "moe" and there is some humor to break the tension.  There is one part about a "disowned" house robot that was funny and touching at the same time.  The movie is bookended by scenes involving the government's role in android control that I still don't understand completely, but I like the kind of movie where things aren't spelled out.  I think science fiction lends itself to that kind of set up where the viewer has to think about the world of the story more than usual.  The creator is Yasuhiro Yoshiura who also made "Patema Inverted," another science fiction anime movie that is a bit hard to understand (for me anyway).  Maybe I'll write about that some day.