Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Nodame Cantibile" streaming on Crackle

The Animax dubbed version of "Nodame Cantibile" is streaming on Crackle.  I watched it before on there, but it was removed.  Just read on Anime News Network it was back on.  I really enjoyed this show.  I think it's the only way to get this show in English at all, since I don't think it's licensed for DVD.  I wish more Animax dubs were available in North America.  Animax is a satellite network that broadcasts anime in Japan as well as in other countries (dubbed in English), but not in North America so far.  We could see more anime not licensed by Funimation or Sentai Filmworks,  Hope more Animax shows get shown on Crackle.  "Nodame Cantible" is a show that's about people older than high school kids which I really enjoy.  I like the realistic feel of the show too.  It's a comedy-romance-drama based on a josei manga.  I guess that I'm the target audience.  There's a live action version (with Ueno Juri) that I haven't seen. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

"Space Brothers"

"Space Brothers" is another Spring anime that I am going to watch.  I was all psyched up to watch "Kids on the Slope" and this went under my radar.  Boy, I am really enjoying the show so far, through episode 3.  It's a drama about adults which is rare and welcome.  It has that sort of realism like "Nodame Cantibile."  Sort of possible, but not really.  I read that there is also a movie of this with Shun Oguri (hottie alert) as one of the brothers.  I look forward to catching that someday.

Friday, April 13, 2012

"Kids on the Slope" and "Tsuritama"

"Kids on the Slope" and "Tsuritama" premiered yesterday.  It will be a great hour of anime to look forward to every Thursday for a while.  Both shows center around a socially awkward teen transfer student who finds friends that invigorate their lives.  The art in "Kids" and "Tsuritama" couldn't be more different, but both styles are pleasing.  "Kids" is has a realistic style that I have always loved in anime.  Teens who look like teens instead of moe fantasies of teens...this is what we get from "Kids."  "Tsuritama" is a bright jangle of colors with intricately detailed backgrounds.  "Tsuritama" is a strange fantasy that hopefully will become more explained in future episodes.  "Kids" hopefully will continue to be a solid drama in future episodes.