Friday, May 29, 2015

"Ore Monogatari!!" or "My Love Story!!" episode 8

Takeo notices that Suna has been acting strangely lately, but Suna won't fess up to anything. Yamato reveals her birthday is coming up quickly and immediately tells Takeo that all she really wants for her birthday is to spend the day with him. Of course, Takeo is thrilled to hear that and starts to plan the day. He enlists Suna for help, and Suna is actually pretty good at planning out stuff like this. He balks a little when he hears the date of her birthday, but doesn't explain why.
Takeo decides to take a part time job to cover the cost of a birthday present and is hired at what appears to be a gay bar/restaurant but is ignorant of that fact.  Wife beater and cut off jeans what?
Takeo's mom casually mentions she is pregnant and Takeo is about to be a big front of an elevator. It's funny how casual she is and mentions it's no big deal since she has the body of a 22 year old even though she's 40 years old.
Takeo is worried about Suna and tells Yamato. She suggests that maybe he's lonely since Takeo is hanging out so much with Yamato. Suna clears that misunderstanding right away, but still doesn't explain his different behavior.
 Takeo's mom tells Takeo she saw Suna at the hospital which prompts Takeo to run to Suna's place. Turns out Suna has been living alone since his mother and sister are out of the country and his dad is hospitalized and about to have heart surgery. Takeo says he will forego the birthday date, but Suna says that would actually make him feel worse. Later, Takeo assures Suna he will have the best birthday date with Yamato and not to worry about him which Suna says is a relief. What a bro.
This episode had a bit more drama than the last one. Still warm fuzzies all around when watching the show. Suna is almost too good of a guy. I kind of wish Suna showed more weakness. Is lack of weakness a weakness? Hope Suna's father turns out okay and the date with Yamato is big success!

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