Monday, February 28, 2011

宇多田ヒカル - Goodbye Happiness(Live Ver.)
The live version on youtube just posted!  DVD release of her WILD LIFE concert is going to be April 6, 2011!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

"His and Her Circumstances"

I watched the stream of "His and Her Circumstances" on Hulu.  I enjoyed the series, even shedding a few tears during some episodes.  Miyazawa is a model student who is a model student just to be admired by others.  Arima is a model student to live up to his own pressures of being perfect due to his family circumstances.  The couple, their families, and their friends are the focus of this romance/comedy/drama.  I kind of have a thing for Arima now :p.  I recommend watching the series, but my two complaints are: 1) two episodes of the 26 are recaps! 2) some episodes are hardly animated, more like "Paddington Bear" shorts with the moving cut-outs, or simply shots of static pictures with lots of text next to them.  I guess Gainax (the animation company) is famous for it's artsy episodes (ala Evangelion where when the money runs out, they get creative with black and white and no animation).  But, besides that, the human stories are real and entertaining and the couple is so darn likeable. 

"Kimi ni Todoke 2" ep 7

Ryu uses bro-dar and asks Kazehaya if he confessed.

Kurumi puts in her surprising two cents.

Pin uses reverse psychology on Kazehaya,

Ryu is straight-up with Sawako.  (Love him :P)
Another agonizing episode of nudges and gradual tiny epiphanies.  Even Kent realizes some things.  Why am I starting to like Pin???  Hopefully, the school festival will lead to some steps forward for Sawako and Kazehaya. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Kimi ni Todoke 2" ep 6

Oh, the misunderstanding!

Chizu sets Sawako straight.

Sawako post crying jag.  

Pin, so oblivious and knowing at the same time.

Auggghhhh!  Kazehaya confesses to Sawako in front of her and a bunch of other people, but Sawako's understanding is so totally off the mark.  Kazehaya should have picked a better time, but it probably wouldn't have made much difference since Sawako has such low self esteem.  Here's hoping Chizu's little talk sets Sawako on the right path.  Such a long path it will be.  Oh, and I wonder what plan Kurumi and Kent are going to hatch together.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Kimi ni Todoke 2" ep 5

Chizu is cute for the wedding.
Pin knows too much.

Kent is moving in...
A ton of stuff happened in this episode!  Chizu gets a makeover for Tooru's wedding and it's a hit.  Ryu is agonizingly quiet about it.
Gotta give Pin credit for nailing Kazehaya exactly on his love life status and his unexpected encouragement.
Kent is infuriating as he encourages Sawako to drift away from Kazehaya.
Big cliffhanger where Kazehaya seems like he is going to make a move...but of course I won't hold my breath.