Sunday, November 24, 2013

"Ando Lloyd - A.I. Knows Love?"

While reading Anime News Network, I came across a tidbit about a J-drama featuring Kimura Takuya called "Ando Lloyd - A.I. Knows Love?"  Thoughts of "Absolute Boyfriend" ran through my brain, so I looked into it.  It's currently airing now and I just watched the first episode.  It looks promising.  It's got a likable romantic couple and a science-fiction premise.  A genius scientist (Kimutaku) and his fiance (Shibasaki Ko) is targeted for murder.  He doesn't manage to dodge his murder but somehow, he has arranged for a Kimutaku-lookalike android to be his fiance's bodyguard.  Why they are being targeted and who is behind all these androids from the future is still unclear.  I have to watch the rest to find out.  It's nice to be interested in J-drama again.