Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Fate/ Stay Night"

After watching "Fate/Zero" streaming on Crunchyroll, I decided to watch "Fate/ Stay Night" which is the continuation of the story. I enjoyed "Zero" but was dissatisfied with the ending, mostly because I didn't really understand it. I thought watching "Stay Night" would clear some things up. It did a little bit. I bought the complete DVD set of "Stay Night" which consists of 3 discs. To be honest, getting through the first disc was a bit of a slog since it was bogged down in a high school setting and protagonist Shiro was not a compelling character. He just came off as a guy with a "hero complex" which he definitely had, but with no skills to back it up. Fortunately, he gains more abilities to back up his desire to fight the servants in the Holy Grail War. And he gets more personally involved due to his relationship to his servant Saber so I was more invested in the story. The one thing that bothers me is that I'm not why the Grail Wars keep going on after "Zero" since it seems that was and ending type situation. Does this mean there will be another War? I guess I'm just not up on the TYPE-MOON franchise since I have never played the visual novel. Favorite characters for me were Saber and Rin. It was interesting to see the child Rin turn into a strong willed and smart teenaged Rin who teaches Shiro everything about magic. I liked seeing a more emotional Saber. It was also interesting to see most of the servants return, but for a few exceptions. I enjoyed it, but "Zero" had a more complex story that mostly successfully interwove multiple story lines. Also, the animation for "Zero"by UFOTABLE was extremely well done, almost cinematic most of the time. It would be hard to match that. Overall, not as well done as "Zero" but has a simpler storyline that involved mainly Saber and Shiro that was easier to follow than the multiple story lines of "Zero." Grade: B