Saturday, February 2, 2008

macbook air

I gave into new-gadget-lust when I ordered the macbook air. I received it yesterday. It's very pretty, very aluminum, very thin. I also like the full-size keyboard. The speed I thought would be way better than the dell I am actually using right now, but it actually seems a microsecond slower. I am trying to use this dell optical drive with the macbook wirelessly with no success (the air has no included optical drive, hence the thinness.) I didn't realize how I had designed everything (bookmarks, rss feeds, etc) around Mozilla Firefox. Mac has the included Safari browser which I am still trying to figure out. I am tempted to download firefox for the mac, but I think my mac is full of bundled software like garageband, ilife, ichat...all this stuff I have never heard I don't want to load down my new computer with other stuff. I am going to try to connect my portable hard drive that suppposedly has my media files to the macbook. I have a feeling nothing will happen. But it is very pretty.

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