Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Un-Go" and "Guilty Crown"

"Un-Go" is being simulcast by Crunchyroll and "Guilty Crown" is being simulcast by Funimation.  That makes the whole "noitaminA" Fuji TV block of animation available to at least the USA.  I just watched the first episodes of both shows.  "Un-Go" reminds me of an edgier, semi-supernatural Detective Conan show where murder always seems to follow the protagonist detective everywhere and the mystery is solved in a brilliant, but questionable fashion. Questionable at least to me anyway. I like the character design and the animation looks good.  The studio behind it is Bones which is a the studio that did "Gosick," and "Star Driver."  They also did "No. 6" which was flawed but enjoyable.  "Guilty Crown" has awesome artwork.  The lead female seems to not be wearing very much, but she is pretty.  The post-apocalyptic story seems to be headed towards the "high school student saves the world" direction.  Production I.G ("Sky Crawlers," "Eden of the East") is behind this one.  

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