Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"My Love Story!!" or "Ore Monogatari!!" episodes 1 and 2

It's a charming story of Gouda Takeo, an unlikely protagonist of a romance anime.  He's big and tall, and not very handsome, but very straightforward and kind, though a bit hotheaded.  His best friend Sunakawa Makoto (aka Suna) is very handsome, so handsome even grade school girls do a double take when he walks by.  All the girls Takeo ever liked always liked Suna instead.  But Suna ruthlessly turned them all down.  
One day on the train, Suna alerts Takeo to a suspicious man.  Takeo sees the man groping a high school girl and saves her.  She is Yamato Rinka who is just Takeo's type.  He instantly falls in love.  She is grateful and visits Takeo at home while Suna is visiting.  Takeo automatically thinks Yamato actually likes Suna.
Takeo, being the bro that he is, decides to let go of his feelings for Yamato, and try to matchmake her and Suna.  Yamato, however, keeps inventing reasons to meet up with Takeo, mostly involving homemade sweets.  Takeo invites Suna along each time, thinking she's actually into Suna.
A funny part of episode two is when Takeo is trying to find out what kind of girls Suna likes. But Suna's answers are a little vague.
One part of episode two that was strange was when an iron construction beam falls and Takeo catches the beam to save Yamato.  That is a bit of a trope, but it does offer the opportunity for Takeo to save Yamato again.   Suna and even Yamato help Takeo with the beam and don't just bail.  Seeing Yamato try to lift the beam causes Takeo to go superhuman and throw it off of him like a boss.
Finally, Yamato invites Takeo to meet again, but specifically WITHOUT Suna.  Takeo, being the dense nice guy, thinks it's just for love advice.  Hope Takeo puts two and two together soon!  I have a feeling Suna does really actually like Yamato though...  The triangle begins?
I like the simple art style.  There is not much motion in the story, but I like how there are little "air thoughts" sometimes that add comedy.  Suna is a fox and he looks like Taichi from "Chihayafuru" so he is eye candy (falling for the surface again like the grade schoolers).  The voice actors for Takeo (Takuya Eguchi) and Suna (Nobunaga Shimazaki ((Haru! from "Free!")) are excellent.  

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