Monday, May 18, 2015

J-drama: "Antiquarian Bookshop Biblia's Case Files" or Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou"

I just finished watching the whole series over 2 to 3 days on Crunchyroll.  I didn't know anything about the series when I first started watching it.  I figured if it was about a book store I'd be down with that.  Turns out it's a Nero Wolfe-like mystery series where the proprietor Shinokawa Shioriko (played by Gouriki Ayame) solves literary-bent mysteries surrounding antique books and their past and current owners.  Goura Daisuke (played by AKIRA from "GTO") is her newly hired assistant and Shida Hajime (Takahashi Katsumi) is her housemate/old book buyer.  She deduces things using her vast knowledge of the history of Japanese publishing and Japanese and world literature.  Each episode revolves around one piece of literature.  It sounds like a snoozefest, but it's actually very entertaining and tugs at heartstrings several times.  My only complaint is the same techno song, that while catchy, is overused in each episode.  But that is a small complaint.  The characters are all extremely likeable and the show is earnest in its premise that books really do connect people together.  Now that I've watched this, I want to find another J-drama to watch.  Still looking... any advice out there?

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