Saturday, October 29, 2011

"Mawaru Penguindrum" ep. 16

This episode again delves into the past of one of the characters, this time Masako, the obsessed ex of Kanba.  This time we have a nominee for worst grandfather in an anime.  The weird sense of humor in this show was kicked up a notch for this episode.  Renjaku, a new character, has a hilarious encounter with Himari/Momoka.  The increasingly bizarre ways to kill grandpa are hilarious too.  Every time the sychophant assistant spoke it was in English without an accent (props for using native speaker).  It was disturbing to see how grandpa was going to train Mario to be a man. The training was symbolized in a hilarious (and disturbing) way.  Somehow blowfish become a main plot point as well.  It looks like Masako wants to save Mario like Kanba wants to save Himari... but doesn't she have to get on the train at the end?  What did her father lose and what did he gain if he was a "chosen one" like Kanba?  WTF?

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