Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Ouran High School Host Club" ep 9

This is not inconspicuous.
Nekozawa looking chipper.
Tamaki saving Haruhi from thunder?!
The club follows Haruhi to her summer job in a resort town.  Kaoru sets up Hikaru on a "date" with Haruhi to teach him how to think of other people besides himself.  Hikaru ditches Haruhi out of jealousy and Tamaki saves the day.  Highlights: The strange fashions the club wears while stalking the dating couple, especially Honey's loli outfit.  Kyouya and Honey "flirting."  Nekozawa (and his puppet) in resort wear.  An especially corny episode (hard to believe Haruhi is so afraid of thunder), but it's nice to see Haruhi expecting Tamaki to show up in emergencies.

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