Saturday, September 24, 2011

"The Musical"

The Korean drama that has appeared in my "queue" of current shows is "The Musical."  So far I've seen the first three episodes on Dramafever (yay! for their simulcasting of current shows).  Koo Hye Sun (from "Boys Over Flowers") plays Go Eun Bi, a med school student who is more interested in musicals than medicine.  A chance encounter with a critical musical composer Hong Jae Yi (played by Daniel Choi) motivates her to drop out to become a musical actress.  After a year of failure (and lying to her father) she meets Jae Yi again.  This time Jae Yi is motivated to return to composing musicals after a bad breakup with a famous actress.  Love triangles and quite a bit of singing ensue.  I like the chemistry of the main couple.  Hope this turns out to be a good one. 

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