Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Momo Love"

"Momo Love" is about four brothers who overprotect their youngest sister Tao Hua, played by Cyndi Wang, and bully their youngest brother Yu Yi, played by Jing Wong. I think the overprotection by the four brothers was supposed to be funny and it is sometimes, but the tone is played straight most of the time, when it should have been more wink-wink. Two suitors appear for Tao Hua, Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen of Fahrenheit, causing the brothers to plot to keep her away from them.   Jiro Wang played the upright and earnest guy pretty well, but his character didn't show too much emotion most of the time and had little airtime. Calvin Chen did his best with what he had, playing the "bad" guy. The most interesting parts of the series was when the four brothers interacted with each other or when Yu Yi started to have a bigger role way late in the story. The end throws in an improbable baby-switching plot twist out of nowhere, but you can guess how that ends. I really didn't like Cyndi Wang too much. She played cute, clueless, and adorable, but I didn't find her very cute or adorable myself.  Too bad Jiro didn't have a bigger and better part.  No one seemed to learn much by the end.  Only the relationship of Yu Yi and his family changes at the end.  Onward to the next idol drama!

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