Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Kaikan Phrase"

"Kaikan Phrase" is a really old shoujo anime from 1999-2000 about a band called Lucifer which is composed of five hot guys including the charismatic bad boy lead singer Sakuya. The manga is popular too, but I haven't read it. The first part of the anime is about how the band gets formed, and the second part is about their career as signed band and their new high school aged girl lyricist. I'm at episode 30 and there is 44 in total. The art style is dated, but I still like it. I also like seeing the "realistic" (for anime anyway) situations about trying to be successful in a band. It's a lot of "lets' get together and put on a really good show!" a lot of the time which is corny but kind of uplifting when you are feeling cynical. Plus I really like Sakuya, the bad boy who rides a motorcycle, composes music, and sings lead vocals. You get to hear the song "Datenshi Blue" about a million times, but it's not a bad song.

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