Sunday, April 26, 2009

"State of Play"

I watched "State of Play" without knowing much about it except Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck were in it. I was pleasantly surprised. At first, seeing Russell Crowe as a scraggly, slightly pudgy seasoned reporter was difficult. But, he soon disappeared into his part. It was a little hard to believe Affleck and Crowe were supposed to be about the same age, but the story and suspense wiped that away. Who was responsible for the death of a beautiful, young congressional aide? becomes the focus instead of ooh, that star is in this movie. Rachel McAdams was appealing as hungry cub reporter. Helen Mirren shines in her small role as the ball-breaking editor. Jason Bateman steals his scenes as the smarmy PR insider. I was surprised that this movie was based on some BBC production as stated in the credits. Then again, I guess it's not too surprising that an entertaining, suspenseful drama was borne out of a BBC production.

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