Friday, June 12, 2015

"Ore Monogatari!!" or "My Love Story!!" episode 10

Another cute episode, but without conflict.  Takeo and Yamato take a picnic in the woods and end up falling over a cliff!
Of course, Takeo manages to land without injury on this back while protecting Yamato and their precious bento lunches.  Takeo takes charge, feeling very protective of his GF, and takes responsibility for finding a way out of the forest.  Yamato, however, is more concerned over spending the night alone with Takeo.  Actually, she is more secretly thrilled/nervous about "spending the night" together.  
Takeo is a personal mosquito net.

Takeo wards of mosquitoes and also a rampaging wild boar and manages to find civilization again.   The funniest parts of the show are the reactions of Yamato's friends, Takeo's parents, and Suna to their unexplained overnight absence (no cell signal of course).  Yamato's friends lie to Yamato's parents to uphold the girlfriend code of covering for boyfriend time, and wait with bated breath to find out the juicy details.  Takeo's parents do not bat an eyelid to his disappearance, and trust he'll be home soon safely, which proves how trusted and reliable Takeo is in the eyes of his parents.  We also get to see an older version of Takeo with an appearance by his dad.

Yamato's friends are at first salaciously entertained but then realize Yamato was actually just lost in the forest overnight.

Suna is oblivious to the whole thing, reading a series of books in his room the whole time. But Takeo must make contact with Suna and ask how to convey his loving feelings with emoji over the cell phone to Yamato.   Suna says there aren't any for the unique feelings of Takeo.  Overall, a cotton candy episode, sweet but with no substance, but still fun to experience.

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