Thursday, June 25, 2015

"Ore Monogatari!!" or "My Love Story!!" episode 12

Another week and another feel good episode.  Yamato invites Takeo and his buds to go ice skating with her and her girlfriends.  Of course Takeo is immediately able to know how to skate and even do tricks his first time on the ice.
While Takeo's buds joke about how good Takeo is at some sports and laughably bad at others, Yamato makes an off hand remark about wishing they were going to the same school and wouldn't it be nice if they went to the same college.  Takeo immediately decides to buckle down and study to aim for the same college as Yamato, Murasakifuji.
He asks Suna to help him get into Murasakifuji.  With Suna as his study buddy, Takeo embarks on studying for a practice benchmark exam for colleges.  Yamato comes over with some sweets and Takeo's mom is told she is Takeo's girlfriend.  Best part of this episode is seeing Takeo's parents react to the news.  To prepare for Yamato coming over to study,  the parents go overboard being nice and looking their best.  Hilarious.
To escape their intrusive behavior, Yamato and Takeo go over to Suna's place to study.  Suna catches Yamato snuggling next to a sleeping and exhausted Takeo in a funny moment.  A touching moment is when Takeo suggests Suna goes to the same college as well.  Suna's expression is nice.  He compliments Takeo, but Takeo doesn't get it.  The test day arrives and Takeo misfills his scantron sheet.   Results come in, and there is an "x" by Murasakifuji.  Despondent, Takeo calls Yamato who says it doesn't matter and she didn't make it either.  Anyway, Murasakifuji is a women's college.
Suna gets his revenge on plastic wrap time from episode 6.

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