Sunday, March 9, 2014

"Legend of the Galactic Heroes"

I've been binge watching this 100-plus episode OVA series these last few days.  It's a fabulous space opera, full of political intrigue,  large scale space ship battles, and enjoyable characters.  Sure, it's full of long-winded explanations of past galactic history, but even that is fascinating to listen to.  The show is so deep it goes past 500 years sometimes to tell the backstory.  It's the democratic, but corrupt, Free Planets Alliance versus the autocratic, but corrupt, Galactic Empire in a fight for literal universal domination.  Yang Wen-li is an unwilling but capable military leader of the Alliance and Reinhard von Lohengramm is the charismatic up-and-coming military leader of the Empire. They develop a respect for each other's abilities even as they try to kill each other over several battles.   Each has their own cadre of several trusted subordinates and a cast of hundreds to interact with as they fight for victory.  In particular, Reinhard's relationships with his sister Annerose and his bestie Siegfried Kircheis are a big part of the show.  Yang Wen-li's relationship with his ward Julian Mintz is also a big part of the show. I've reached episode 62 and watched "My Conquest is the Sea of Stars" 60 minute OVA.  I really like the realistic art style of each person.  It's not moe eyes and adolescent bodies, although I do appreciate how gorgeous Reinhard is (see above).  The second season is a bit more gory which was a bit of a surprise, but I think it well emphasizes the devastation of war.  Seems like Yang is always treated badly by his government and that maybe he should just join von Lohengramm sometimes, but that wouldn't fit into Yang's character or the story.  Well, that may change since I haven't finished the series yet, but I am working on doing just that.

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