Friday, April 13, 2012

"Kids on the Slope" and "Tsuritama"

"Kids on the Slope" and "Tsuritama" premiered yesterday.  It will be a great hour of anime to look forward to every Thursday for a while.  Both shows center around a socially awkward teen transfer student who finds friends that invigorate their lives.  The art in "Kids" and "Tsuritama" couldn't be more different, but both styles are pleasing.  "Kids" is has a realistic style that I have always loved in anime.  Teens who look like teens instead of moe fantasies of teens...this is what we get from "Kids."  "Tsuritama" is a bright jangle of colors with intricately detailed backgrounds.  "Tsuritama" is a strange fantasy that hopefully will become more explained in future episodes.  "Kids" hopefully will continue to be a solid drama in future episodes.  

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