Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Dear Brother" on Viki

"Dear Brother," also known as "Brother, Dear Brother" and "Oniisama e" is now being shown on Viki.  I thought to check out Viki when I read that the new Leiji Matsumoto anime "OZMA" was being one-day-late simulcast there.  Other anime shows are also being shown and offered for crowd-subtitling.  I see the first episode of "Dear Brother" is translated and I hope the rest will be translated by some kind hearted lovers of old school shojo anime.  This coming-of-age story at a private girls' high school is full of teenage angst and sexual confusion.  Osamu Dezaki directed this and it shows.  I really like his style of anime.  Here's hoping that "Rose of Versailles" will appear soon.

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