Sunday, November 6, 2011

"The Musical" up to ep. 9

The first few episodes were the best ones so far.  Seeing Jae Yi being all affectionate for Eun Bi was extremely cute.  I liked the part where Eun Bi auditioned for the lead role.  We get to see her singing improve.  I like the characters of Kang Hee and Yoo Jin.  They add some needed spice to the show.  The part where they all go to camp, I mean the retreat, is when the show starts losing steam.  Eun Bi becomes less spunky.  The whole politics of muscial production is takes over the story which is not really exciting.  Will the show go on?  Just start putting it on already.  Best things so far:  Kang Hee being a wonderful bitch.  Yoo Jin becoming more human.  The potential Yoo Jin/ Eun Bi relationship.  The early Jae Yi/ Eun Bi relationship.  Anything involving singing.  I want to see more of the making of the musical (rehearsals, singing) than the financial backing of the making of a musical. Maybe that's coming up. I do still get a little thrill finding out the latest episode is subbed and released on Dramafever, so I probably won't drop it and will still hope for more musical stuff in "The Musical."

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