Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"The Musical" ep. 10

I liked this episode which was mostly all about Jae Yi.   Jae Yi straight up tells Kang Hee that there isn't a chance for them.  Jae Yi straight up confesses his love to Eun Bi...and is shot down.  When the financial backing of the musical is pulled Jae Yi takes action to repay the debt left by Gu Jak's irresponsible spending.  When he realizes he can't touch his money which is controlled by his first-time-mentioned sister in the USA, he signs his four years of his life with an exclusive contract with a girl group.  Jae Yi needed some screen time to become a main character again. Yu Jin still leaves his mark on this episode his awesome singing!  We get a new song finally too.  Another notable thing:  Jessie is not the airhead we thought she was.  Surprise!  I'm happy there was some singing.... more "musical" in "The Musical" please.

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