Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Mawaru Penguindrum" ep. 18

This time it's a terrible mother.  Keiju's mother ignored Keiju when it looked like he wasn't the piano prodigy she wanted.  His little brother took over that role especially since Keiju injured his own hand to take the pressure off.  The symbolic "child broiler" sequence was well done.  Momoka seemed to want to save everyone, including the neglected Keiju.  Is she like Supergirl or something?  Kanba is getting his money from his parent's underground terrorist group?  That was a surprise.  Himari knew she had a terminal illness and that Kanba was responsible for her being alive.  It's touching when she tells Kanba to live for himself instead of for her.  I guess the devotion of the siblings to each other stops Keiju from killing Himari.  I'm not sure how, if she was plummeting to the ground in an iron tub and he was still above, but I'll go with it.  Keiju still hates himself for being a monster.  Keiju had issues we never thought he had. 

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