Friday, August 12, 2011

"Ikemen desu ne" ep 4

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.  Shu is jealous of Ren, Ren is jealous of Shu, and Yuki (Jeremy in kdrama) is totally confused about his attraction to Mio.  It is heartbreaking every time Shu sees Mio falling for Ren, and that's a lot of reaction shots.  The best part of the episode is when Mio sings "Without Words" in the recording booth and cries at the same time.  Takimoto Miori is rivaling Park Shin Hye in cuteness as the cross-dressing singer.  She has a good voice and her acting seems earnest and heartfelt. Yaotome Hikaru  as Yuki  is growing on me.
Shu looks angry...he usually just looks sad.
Ren is pissed too.  Yeah!

Hey, what about me?


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  1. Just finished watching You're Beautiful last weekend and it's interesting reading your comments on this version. It sounds like it's worth taking the time to compare the two ;)