Sunday, June 26, 2011

End of "The Greatest Love" and Thoughts on "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho"

GL got a little melodramatic with the heart surgery arc...but recovered with a charming last episode that leaves you smiling. There were a lot of memorable supporting characters like Ding Dong, Jae Suk, and Jenny. Pil Joo made you saw "Aww" the whole time since of course, he is the cute, better-for-her-in-reality second male lead. The part at the end where he asks Ae Jung to take his pulse..."Awwwwww." Dokko Jin's TV declaration could be one of the most romantic scenes EVER. This show made me laugh out loud, which is rare while watching anything. I want to watch more dramas from the writers of this show, the Hong sisters.

While watching "The Greatest Love" I started to watch the previous Hong sisters drama "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho." Shin Min Ah as Miho steals the show as the charming, innocent, and honest supernatural girlfriend. Lee Seung Ki as Daewoong has good chemistry with her. The side story with Daewoong's aunt and the action director is hilarious. Dongju teacher (played by No Min Woo, a hottie) is a character who could use a little more backstory explaining who/what he actually is. The show didn't make me want to watch it compulsively, like GL did. Maybe I couldn't believe that Daewoong was such great guy that 3 women would want him. The ending was resolved with a deus ex machina which didn't make sense but provided a happy ending. *SPOILER (ALTHOUGH ALL MY POSTS ARE SPOILERS ANYWAY)* Best part of the show was when Daewoong decides to give half of his lifetime to Miho. Awwww.

Note: can't wait for "Heartstrings" the next drama in the GL time slot.

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  1. Melissa and I couldn't agree with you more about the Vet guy being a hottie!! They actually sell the big beef leg plushie over here;p Hahaha