Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"K-On!!" episodes 8 and 9

Episode eight should be called "K-On!! Yochien" because of all the flashbacks to kindergarten between Yui and Nodoka. There is even a flashback of Mio and Ritsu in grade school. The type of friendships each pair has was evident even back in the day. Where is the Mugi flashback anyway? Her mysterious past must somehow come up later in the series. (Hopefully.)
Episode nine actually brought a tear to my eye when Oba-san looks so pleased and proud to see Yui up there with Gitah in the newly formed spinoff group YuiAzu. Nice to see the Hokago Tea Time can withstand the tensions of members wanting to do solo work (ha ha).

As for other anime I'm watching, "Durarara!" is officially confusing for me. I wish the leaders of the Dollars and Yellow Scarves, and the Slasher-Mother would finally talk to each other about what's going on. I like Dotachin and the Russian sushi restaurant characters and hope they get some story soon.

I also may start rewatching "Revolutionary Girl Utena." I enjoyed the show, but didn't really understand the end and probably won't again.

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