Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Neon Genesis Evangelion"-- I Can (Not) Understand

I really like this opening.
Okay, after all the hype about the "Rebuild of Evangelion" movies lately, I finally decided to watch the original 26 episode TV series from 1995. It starts out with slowly with 14 year old Shinji Ikari reluctantly recruited as a pilot of the biomechanical "EVA" (aka giant robot) pilot. He has to save the world from the "Angels" (aka giant monsters) from which I'm still not certain whence they came, by fighting them with his robot to prevent them from making contact with the hidden "Adam" (another Angel? or something else) somewhere in an underground military base beneath Tokyo to prevent the occurence of the "Third Impact" which would probably kill everyone on earth. Whew. It's a big downer at first since Shinji is a big wimp. It gets better when he gets more confident and makes some friends finally. Then the story goes deep into psychological analysis with Shinji, the other pilots, and the scientists behind the whole EVA thing and ends with a big WTF unsatisfying ending. I even watched "End of Evangelion" 1997 movie which supposedly makes the ending of the TV series clearer. It's better but it still ends with a lot of interpretion and questions. Pluses: Cool looking Angels and EVAs, likable flawed characters, challenging ideas (why are we here? why should I be alive?), interesting Christian references. Minuses: Incomprehensible plot, the ending! Overall: I'm glad I watched it just to have seen something from the anime canon that I can see is referenced in a lot of newer shows like "Bokurano." I'll probably end up getting the "Rebuild" movies and get disappointed again :p

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