Sunday, September 21, 2008

"Read Or Die" the OVA and the TV

Watched "Read or Die the TV (or R.O.D the TV)" online on and just watched "Read or Die" the OVA on netflix instant viewing. I really like the idea of paper magic where pieces of paper are manipulated to become almost anything: hair ties, giant rideable (is that a word?)paper planes and flying winged creatures, swords, bulletproof and bomb-proof shields, ...etc. There is this part in the OVA where 2 clones who can materialize/dematerialize any part of their body at will batttle in hand to hand combat which is really cool. I also like how all the heroines love books so much their rooms are piled high with them. I guess heroines is a key word. These women kick ass in combat, use paper magic, AND are well read as well!

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