Thursday, June 4, 2015

"Ore Monogatari!!" or "My Love Story!!" episode 9

The episode starts out with Takeo meeting Suna outside on the morning of Suna's dad's surgery/ Yamato's birthday.   They fist bump as Suna wishes Takeo a good time with Yamato.  
Takeo meets Yamato and they have a jolly old time bowling, and eating and hanging out.
Every other sentence Takeo says seems to being with "Suna said this" or "Suna did this" which would actually annoy me if I were Yamato, but Yamato, being the "pure" girl she is only just agrees with Takeo without any resentment, as a sick person like me would have.  Eventually, Yamato asks what Suna is doing today, and Takeo can't hold back anymore.  He has to leave their date to support him at the hospital.  Yamato is a dear and doesn't blink an eye and tells Takeo he has to go.  Takeo literally runs to the hospital to find Suna waiting alone outside the operating room.  Suna, finally breaks down in front of Takeo, confessing he felt guilty for finding his father collapsed after shopping.  If only he hadn't gone shopping and went straight home, maybe his dad would be okay.  Takeo sets him straight that he shouldn't feel guilty.  I admit I teared up when Suna started to cry too.  Finally, a bit of weakness from Suna.
The surgery is a success, and there is a funny bit where the surgeon is shaken so hard that he throws up, not just once but twice, by Takeo, then Suna's mom and sister who finally show up.  Walking out of the hospital, they see Yamato in the lobby folding paper cranes.  What a nice gal.  She presents them to Suna.  Suna comments on how nice it is to see the pair together, and they immediately think up how to hook Suna up with a girlfriend.  Suna is scared...
A more dramatic episode, but still very simple.  That's the charm of the show.  It's simple and earnest and without meta humor or sarcasm.  

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