Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"My Love Story!!" or "Ore Monogatari!!" episode 7

This was an almost drama-free episode so far.  Just Takeo and Yamato oohing and ahhing over each other most of the time.  Takeo is recruited to be a ringer for the high school judo club in a match against the rival school.  Of course, for the month he is training, he will be too busy to hang out with his girlfriend.  But he finds strength in their separation through their constant (and cute) emails as he trains for the match, running around with tire tied to his waist (which seems to be a thing for anime high school sports training) and letting his mom use his abs for a ironing board (not a thing).  
Takeo warns her not to wait for him after school at night, and she takes it the wrong way, thinking he doesn't want her around, but actually it's just for her safety.  Suna, the bro that he is, clears up the misunderstanding.  
Another little bit of drama is that at the match, his rival says that the fact Takeo has a girlfriend makes him a weaker opponent.  But Takeo steadfastly denies this and beats him soundly in the match, earning his rival's respect.  Takeo, Suna, and Yamato go home and somehow see each other in the stars above in a cute scene.
The best parts of the show are when Takeo defends Yamato to his judo rival and when Suna clears up the misunderstanding for Yamato. Suna just needs a girlfriend so they can double date and be two cute couples together.

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