Saturday, May 2, 2015

"My Love Story!!" or "Ore Monogatari!!" episode 4

Another touching episode from "My Love Story!!"  This time it's about having Takeo meet Yamato's friends during a group blind date or goukon.  It's funny how many male fan/friends he has at school.  He has no problems finding guys for the goukon to meet Yamato's friends.  At first things are going swimmingly, but a couple of friends let it slip out how disappointed they are at finding out how Takeo looks after hearing how cool he is from Yamato.  But they are proven wrong in a fantastical way when he saves their lives by rescuing those same friends from the burning building where they are holding the goukon.  The best part I think is when Yamato is crying about her friends hurting Takeo's feelings, but Takeo says he's not hurt at all in his mature way.  He is actually happy she was complimenting him to her friends so much.  Suna is important in this episode too.  When it looks like Takeo is about to give up  and croak in the burning building, Suna calls Takeo on his cell phone saying himself and Yamato would be sad if he were gone and Takeo suddenly gets that superhuman strength again and bursts out of he burning building.  Everyone realizes Takeo is actually a great, cool guy.  It's a pity he has to be a hero before some people realize it.

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