Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Mawaru Penguindrum" ep. 20

So, we finally have confirmation that the three are not blood related.  Kanba is actually Masako's older brother.  I wonder how he ended up being a Takakura.  In an extended, rather straightforward flashback, we see Shoma meeting Himari and saving her from the Child Broiler by choosing her part of the Takakura family.  Is the Child Broiler a metaphor for child neglect?  Or is this a real place where unwanted kids are sent?  Shoma feels guilty at having Himari pay for any crimes the parents committed and hates them.  But Kanba is still gung ho in supporting his parents' organization and in saving Himari.  I wonder what the story is with Kanba and his change of family ties?  I wonder how Masako's father is involved with the "Kiga Group."  The sequence where HImari is talking with Sanetoshi is too philosophical for me to figure out.  I think HImari is talking about how she doesn't want to or can't or doesn't know how to love someone.  But how that ties in with the plot beats me.  I hope the next episode shows why Kanba was adopted into the Takakura family and just why he is so insanely bent on saving Himari.

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