Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Kaseifu no Mita"

Just watched the first episode of this currently airing show.  It's mysterious, dramatic, and funny all at the same time.  Mita is the new housekeeper hired to help a family who is coping with the recent death of the mother.  Despite her robotic and macabre demeanor she somehow manages to help the family cope with their emotional problems.  Mita is played by Matsushima Nanako.  The father is played by Hasegawa Hiroki.   He is also in another series I'm watching called "Suzuki Sensei."  The eldest daughter is played by Kutsuna Shiori, who played the character Ran from the recent "Detective Conan" drama.  I was surprised to see Aibu Saki (from "Absolute Boyfriend," "Rebound," and "Buzzer Beat") playing the well-intentioned, but bumbling sister of the deceased.  I'm looking forward to future episodes.

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