Saturday, September 17, 2011

"No. 6" ends

WTF was what I thought about the last episode. The series began brilliantly, teasing us with future exposition about what No. 6 was, how it got started, what the killer bees were about, what happened to Safu, is Dogkeeper a boy or girl. It would have been nice to get a flashback scene of the team that created No. 6 and its relationship with Sion's mother. Dogkeeper's gender is still ambiguous. What was the purpose of the government experimenting on its own citizens with the killer bees? What specifically happened to Safu in the correctional facitily? What is the Moon Drop? Why did we hear a crying roar from the Moon Drop earlier in the series? What is Elyurias? The last few minutes of the show try to wrap up what happens to the characters. But even with that, more questions remain. It's too bad "No. 6" didn't have more than 11 episodes to work with. What the series got right was the relationship between Sion and Nezumi. There is more time dedicated to that more than anything. And I did do a fujoshi "yes!" when the second kiss happened. I did appreciate the effort of the series to be a "realistic" dystopian science fiction story that was devoid of giant robots and hovercars, but full of high tech government surveillance in the style of Orwell's Big Brother. The art was attractive and the animation was well done. And I did look forward to each episode every week. Cheers to Bones for making a thoughtful science fiction themed series with a shounen ai couple. I hope to see some more ambitious series like this in the future.

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