Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Ikemen desu ne" ep 3

I find myself enjoying this drama very much. Except for the first episode, the second and third episodes are following the kdrama closely, just in a more compressed way. Shin Woo, oops, I mean Shu, has started to carry the torch for Mio and does the almost-date-by-phone with Mio wearing a similar outfit from the kdrama:
Yuta Tamamori who plays Ren is extremely cute and he has good chemistry with Miori Takimoto who plays Mio:
I haven't watched many jdramas lately.  But its picking up!  I'm still trying to keep up with "Hana Kimi 2011" and have also been watching "IS" which is turning out really interesting.  It's about a teenager who is an "intersexual" which means has both male and female organs in some ratio.  The main character Haru looks like a girl and goes to high school as a girl, but identifies with being a boy.  Haru struggles with the secret, but it seems Haru's other friends have their own secrets too.

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