Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Nobuta wo Produce"

Just started watching this 2005 drama. I was looking for something after "Buzzer Beat" and Japanator recommended this like "Buzzer Beat." It looks promising with Yamapi as a star again. When I see him in this role I recognize him from the "NANA" live action movie and "Last Quarter" another movie I wrote about earlier. He looks WAY better in this type of hair. Anyway, I also like this actor from "Koizora" (which I watched on Kamenashi Kazuya. He's a good actor and also easy to look at. Horikita Maki from "Hana Kimi" is also in this. Ingredients to a good drama included: good looking cast, school bullying, a makeover of an outcast, friendship, and Yamapi hanging all over Kazuya throughout the show in a disturbing fashion. Let's see how the 10 episodes go.

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