Sunday, September 27, 2009

Finished "Buzzer Beat"

Just finished watching final episode of "Buzzer Beat." It kinda ran out of steam in the last episode, but it's still fun to watch. Riko and Naoki's separation is kinda forced but necessary for the final climactic reunion. The cheating ex-girlfriend is well played by Aibu Saki (Riko from "Absolute Boyfriend") who manages to do "sympathetic bitch" pretty well (haha). I really liked the actress who played the Riko the lead Kitagawa Keiko. She is so pretty and wears these skinny jeans through the whole thing (hate her) but can't deny she's way pretty. As for Yamapi, I can see his appeal, but yeah, his frizzy dyed curly hair is not a good look. Oh yeah, I learned about downloading RAWs and getting the .SRT subtitles from trying to get episodes 7 through 11 because they are hard to get hardsubbed at this point. Learned something new just to finish this show! That's how much I enjoyed it.

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